Das Camp


The Camp

… are active in the climate (justice) movement, have been active or want to become active? And want to combine your activism with your life with children?
… want to talk about the climate crisis with the children around you? In such a way that they develop courage, a motivation to shape things and develop ideas on how to become active?
… want to meet like-minded people, create new spaces for children in activist movements, make plans and build new connections?

Then come to the climate camp with children this summer! We will be between 40 and 60 people meeting on the grounds of the Lebensbogen at Dörnberg near Kassel.

When: From August 1 to August 6, 2022

What: A climate camp for children, caregivers, their friends and anyone interested in empowering people with children in the climate (justice) movement.

Where: On the grounds of the Lebensbogen at Dörnberg near Zierenberg. This is near Kassel.

How: For part of the day, the children will have the opportunity to spend supervised time together, so that those who want to can work on different topics in a focused way. Another part of the day we want to be together with the children: Going swimming, experience the forest, pass on knowledge about nature. Also important: Being able to simply relax and unwind.

Programme: There will be an Open Space, an opportunity where everyone can offer something. In addition, we want to offer some exchange rounds on different topics.

Update 29 July, 2022: If you want to register on short notice, please write us an email at klimacampmitkindern@riseup.net.

We are looking forward to seeing you!